Meteorologica: Observations

Let’s talk about the weather

Weather has always been a matter of concern for people everywhere. We depend on it for our health, comfort, food, and general well- being. Since the time of Ancient Greeks and Babylonians, people have been fascinated with weather phenomena and how they relate to human activities. Weather not only inserts a reminder of our vulnerability, but also has strong aesthetic and emotional connotations. If we embrace the assumption that we are living in the “human- made” geological era – Anthropocene, we should admit also the ability to perceive changes of weather in advance could be an expression of human’s longing of control and power, the desired triumph over nature. We used to pray for rain; now we practice cloud seeding. Weather modification experiments are practiced in a big scale. From the rituals and superstitions to the new scientific experiments, my project “Meteorologica” is mapping the territory where magical thinking meets science as they are just two approaches to the knowledge – science as “ magic that works”. Meteorology gathers a diversity of knowledge with intellectual, cultural and social dimensions, artistic impact and even religious sensibilities. It’s inevitable part of our everyday live, but are we aware enough how it works? Could better understanding of meteorological practice through photography play a role in communicating weather and climate information?